๐Ÿ˜ŽWhat benefits NFT holders have in the social network?

Free fees forever, receive the whole payment and get a discount on your payments.

In the app, you'll be able to chat with three different types of folks:

  1. People from higher levels: To talk with these people, you'll need to pay what they ask for. Usually, a percentage of that payment will go to us in the form of transaction fees. But, NFT holders won't have to pay those fees, so they'll get a discount. This can make a big difference when talking to higher-level individuals since the fees will be higher.

  2. People from the same level: This is totally free! You'll have a map that shows you where each holder is, so you can connect with people who are closer to you and have more of an impact. NFT holders don't get any extra perks here.

  3. People from lower levels: You'll set your own fees for talking to people from lower levels. They'll have to pay a fee, and as an NFT holder, you'll get the whole payment, which means your fee plus our fee. That sounds pretty sweet, right?

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