๐Ÿ’ฐWhere does the NFT have the revalorization potential?

The NFT is designed to have 3 points of revaluation

We have designed the NFT perks to be revalued through three different channels:

  1. NFT watch sales: The value of the first units increases as more units are sold and the brand and value of the watch become more recognized. We envision a future where NFTs will play a role in real-life interactions, and displays will be a crucial part of that.

  2. Networking app: We plan to develop a networking app with different levels based on a user's money in various forms (crypto, NFTs, bank account, stocks, etc.). Chatting and communicating with people on the same level is free, while talking with those on different levels will come with a fee set by the higher-level person. A small fee will be charged for transactions, but we will offer discounts to NFT holders, giving them free chats with higher levels.

  3. Real-life events: we will run real-life events, some of them will be limited to people from certain strap level (f.e. red and above). NFT holders will have free access regardless of their strap level.

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