๐Ÿ˜…Apple watch vs Koidos NFT watch

We don't show pictures, just NFTs. A must in an NFT displayer.

One of the main purposes of NFTs is to show off. Behind every success is a lot of hard work and effort, and we wanted to create a tool that could communicate that.

We don't think the Apple Watch is the right tool for the job, so we created our own watch that emphasizes this feeling in two ways:

  1. Showcasing just your NFTs, no pictures downloaded from OpenSea or other marketplaces, just what you've earned with sweat and tears.

  2. One NFT doesn't represent your entire wallet, so we created a system of 11 straps that can be purchased based on your portfolio's worth. We view entrepreneurship as a game where gaining more skills leads to higher levels of leverage and revenue, so we based our strap levels on that idea. The Apple Watch can't do this.

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